Saturday, July 29, 2006

Chain #1

Today we worked on ukemi, tegatana, and hanasu as usual, focussed slightly on hanasu #6 and #8, then started exploring techniques that spring from release #1.
This is an interesting exercise because it allows us to explore a lot of different recurring cycles in our motion, including left-right, up-down, bent-straight, hineri-gaeshi, and near-far. It also introduces much of junanahon kata.
Patrick M. was getting a superb owaza kote gaeshi on me nearly every time. After we'd beat those release techniques to death we worked on the atemiwaza. The two cool techniques of the day were the ushiroate from koryu daisan (brush off and run) and the kataotoshi from owaza jupon.
[Update 6/9/2010 - using the releases to set up various techniques and exploring the transitions between these techniques is a great exercise.  It makes the releases much more general-purpose and it improves the flow of your aikido.]

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