Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Kaitennage, hikiotoshi, oshitaoshi

Today we practiced chaining kaitennage, hikiotoshi, and oshitaoshi onto hanasu#7. This is a particularly cool practice in several strategies that we have discussing lately, including using ura tenkan techniques as a backup to omote irimi techniques, and "running down the line" any time tori switches from omote to ura or from ura to omote. The kaitennage was working particularly well for me tonight, but strangely, hikiotoshi stank. Fortunately a stinky hikiotoshi can lead to a pretty cool oshitaoshi.

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  1. Also, we did an interesting movement exercise as part of getting used to the motion in this chain. Tori takes 2 hand "baseball bat" grip on uke's wrist and uke and tori move around with tori switching between omote and ura positions by running down the line. The hand position when tori is in omote is similar to hikiotoshi or hijiguruma and when tori is in ura the hand position is similar to oshitaoshi or maeotoshi. This goes on for a while until uke stops moving and gets tossed. I got dumped by Gary a couple of good times with a perfect sumiotoshi.


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