Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Kubinage and hizaguruma

Photo courtesy of Simmr
Tonight during the kids' class we worked on newaza entries into munegatame and kesagatame. We did suwari kubinage into kesagatame and then to introduce the Kito two-direction principle we worked with uke resisting the kubinage and tori getting a suwari hizaguruma into munegatame. We ran that for about half the class then did 30 minutes of three-minute standing randori matches..
In the adult class we worked on uchikomi of ukigoshi and kubinage. On the kubinage we emphasized the four-feet on a line then back into the hip throw. Through a lot of reps we were able to fine tune the foot placement, weight shift, hip placement, and gripping. The "special treat" of the night after we beat hip throws to death was a couple dozen reps of hizaguruma. Overall two productive Judo sessions tonight.
[Updated February 2010 - Sounds like I must have been working with green belts in the adult class, because that's about where folks start to encounter these particular challenges - grips, foot placement, hip placement, etc... for hip throws. If you don't get this stuff straightened out before brown belt then they will begin to have more problems trying to progress to the one-legged hipthrows (haraigoshi, hanegoshi, etc...). This class has actually become one of my standard (almost "canned") lessons over the years. I ought to write out lesson plans for all of these standard classes so that I can pass that on to my students when they get to the point of starting to teach.]

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