Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Let the step release the pressure

Today we are back to the techniques associated with hanasu #1 (oshitaoshi and all that...). I was mining through some notes I got from Henry Copeland when one particularly interesting point popped up. On tenkai oshi taoshi we are to work on not releasing the pressure then stepping, but rather, letting the tenkan step release the pressure. There's no telling how many times Henry has told me that before now, but maybe now I'm prepared enough to listen.
Tonight we're having aiki class at the new Mokuren Dojo in Magnolia. I've finished panneling the walls and we're cleaning up this afternoon and doing no-falling, shoe-wearing aiki tonight. This weekend I'm hoping to get the AC and lights and phone wired and work on the wainscot and moulding. We're moving out of the McComb dojo saturday afternoon.

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