Friday, July 14, 2006

Osotogari and deashiharai

These two techniques go together like peas and carrots. Tonight we warmed up with osotogari. I was overspinning uke onto his face with the osotogari/haraigoshi while my partner's osotogari was planting me firmly in the ground on my side - so we ended up doing two flavors of osotogari as we talked about the possibility of osotogari and haraigoshi being the same throw. Then we shifted to deashi harai with the idea that it makes a great partner to osotogari. This led to a discussion of practicing several fundamentally different throws from the same relationship/kuzushi. Then we did 20 minutes of randori alternating osoto, kosoto, deashi, hizaguruma, and kubinage all from the basic osoto kuzushi.

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