Monday, July 03, 2006

Principles of Aikido

Some of the principles, or low-level strategies, underlying Aikido:

  • you must respect the potential of anyone to hurt you badly
  • refuse to engage
  • get out of the way
  • put hands up
  • get behind the attacker
  • move with the attacker so that you stay safe

Notice that nowhere in those principles appears "poke him in the eye" or "break his arm" or even "throw him down." While these might be consequences of an attacker leaping forward at a person who is getting out of the way and putting hands up, it is not the aim of aikido to cause those injuries to the attacker. In fact, aikido is designed so that it doesn't even work very well when used in a forceful, aggressive manner.

For more thought provoking reading, check out some of the following:


  1. Thanks, Andy. Is that Andy Sims of Drifting Kenshi fame?

  2. Guilty as charged.

  3. so, what are you doing on this lovely (rainy) independence day besides surfing around in mokurenspace? Have you shown the blog to the rest of your crew?

  4. Sadly, i had to work. Which meant that i had to stand around and do nothing all day (especially after it started raining) until management turned the other way so i could leave early. John's the one who told me about the blog and Gary somehow lives without internet. What did your family do today? Are your kids firework savvy yet?

  5. yeah, they've gotten into fireworks. Whit has learned some new euphemisms associated with independence day, including "Light me up, baby!" and "OW, OW! I Need some Ice!" (he stepped on a cinder from a sparkler - he's okay)


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