Saturday, July 22, 2006

Suwari sumiotoshi and snapdown

We began our kid's class last night with suwari sumiotoshi and the contrasting snapdown in which tori reaches across, grabs uke's right armpit, and snaps it past tori's right knee onto the ground. Once you become comfortable with this then you can snap people straight into a cross-face turnover. This is another good pair of techniques for ground randori because they illustrate that Kito 2-direction principle. I got Cody a couple of times with these techniques in randori tonight.

In the later class we began warming up with light and easy deashiharai and it turned into an entire hour on deashi. We worked on the basic deashi as uke steps back and tori bumps him and sweeps. Then we worked on the roundabout, very late timing of deashi as part of the continuum of the step cycle. As uke steps fwd on the right, extend him down the line, as in osoto then step to parallel his recovery step. then sweep. This second variation of deashi was feeling especially... interesting... tonight.

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