Saturday, July 15, 2006

Tenkai kotegaeshi

Today, after calibrating and warming up with some ukemi and tegatana we spun through hanasu and then focussed in onto hanasu#6. We worked this turn with the idea of following along in shikaku until uke interrupts the motion then turning and walking with uke going backward. All the partners caught onto this motion very well and we becan to chain through the variations on #6. These are mostly variants on shihonage, tenkai kotegaeshi, and reverse kotegaeshi. the techniques that fall off the main stream of motion include aikinage and ushiroate. We had a lot of fun playing with two variants of aikinage, including the big tori "clothesline" with the shoulder that you see on Segal movies as well as the small tori version turning back in front of uke. This second variation is actually the equivalent of Judo's koshinage hip throws. Lots of fun. We "cooled down" with some shomenate repetition, some hand randori, and a discussion of the evolution of different randori systems.

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