Tuesday, July 25, 2006


Ok, so every aikido technique has to have a backup plan because a major principle is that we must expect techniques to fail but not be surprised if they succeed.
Plan-B for oshitaoshi is called udegaeshi. When oshitaoshi fails it is most often because uke pushed out by straightening his arm Tori follows this straightening arm, knowing that at the end of any straightening must come a bending. The change in direction at the end of the line changes tori's position from ura to omote and creates a gaeshi position for uke. From here, tori follows the bending arm into a gaeshi lock and pushes uke backward to the ground.
Like the last pin, this one is not a hold-or-die thing for tori. Tori wants to be positioned closer to uke's head than his side (shikaku) and pressing the arm to make the position inconvenient for uke.

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