Saturday, August 26, 2006

Four flavors of oshitaoshi

Today we started over with the beginning of the chains. We were not quite through with the last one and it is possible to start beginners at any point in the chains, but we had 2 newbies today and I felt like getting a fresh start. After 2 reps of tegatana concentrating on balls of feet and complete recovery steps we moved into hanasu then into chain #1. We got through the first four techniques - tekubiosae, udeosae, oshitaoshi, and tenkai oshitaoshi. These are all just iterations of the same thing - oshitaoshi (ikkyo). We cooled down taking breakfalls for shomen, aigamae, and gyakugamae atemiwaza. At the end I demonstrated for the class the remainder of the main branch of chain#1 and briefly discussed things to look for, including cycles of left-right, bentarm-straightarm, up-down, hineri-gaeshi, etc...

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