Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Kosotogari, osotogari, and deashibarai

These are the things we worked on in judo tonight. We started out with warmups and ukemi, in which we practiced forward kneeling roll, backward standing fall, and standing side fall. It is very important with beginers to introduce the concept and get a few reps then stop before they find a way to screw it up and injure themselves. This way instead of beating one technique into them in a short period of time and risking a cumulative trauma disorder (or worse), they master the movement over a period of time with much less risk.
Then we moved into a four-directional ofbalance drill in which tori takes an otoshi offbalance on the left followed by a left guruma offbalance followed by the same two on the opposite side. This exerciseacts like hanasu in aikido, in that it teaches some footwork and movement skils while providing hooks to hang much of the rest of judo on. Then we moved into kosotogari off of the first two of these offbalances. We got a few reps of osotogari in and then spend several minutes on the 1-2-3touch footsweep control drill. Paul asked about the difference between aiki and judo and we cooled down with the first 4 techniques of goshinjitsu as an example of the grey area between aiki and judo.

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