Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Shichihon no kuzushi

Some schools of Tomikiryu practice an exercise caled shichihon no kuzushi early in the syllabus. This exercise consists of seven fundamental forms of offbalance found later in other aikido techniques. We, instead of practicing shichihon no kuzushi, practice an exercise known as hanasu no kata (forms of release). Hanasu consists of eight ways to move from in front of uke to behind uke while releasing any tension or pressure that is building in the contact between uke and tori.
The first four hanasu are roughly identical to the shichihon techniques named chudan aigamae, gedan aigamae, chudan gyakugamae, and gedan gyakugamae. The last four hanasu are responses for tori when uke changes one ofthe first four. for instance, in hanasu #5, tori begins hanasu #1, chudan aigamae, and uke changes it so that tori's easiest release is to step under the arm into something similar to tenkai kote hineri.
Later in our syllabus we encounter shichihon no kuzushi as the first seven techniques of yon kata. By this point #3-6 are mostly trivial because the student has practiced these techniques as part of hanasu in every class for years. But the first two techniques of yonkata (jodan aigamae and jodan gyakugamae) are monsterously tough for us. I have been working on yon kata on and off for probably ten years and I still feel like I don't have a grasp of how these two are supposed to work. I wonder if these two techniques are particularly hard for other Tomiki practitioners? I'm looking forward to having Usher-san and some other instructors in the Mokuren dojo at the end of October to work on yon kata and maybe enlighten me.

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  1. Pat, the h-burg group can't make it tonight. Sorry.


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