Monday, August 07, 2006

Tonight's aiki homework

Here's what I'm working on tonight at home for aiki-sans-uke practice. The eighth motion in tegatana (the first turn) is essentially the same as the first motion of hanasu.
  • practice this motion five times on either side for warmup.
  • five more reps concentrating on only bearing weight on the first two balls of each foot.
  • five more reps imagining that you are being pulled by a rope attached to your center.
  • five more reps imagining you are being pulled by your wrist.
  • five more reps imagining an iron rod keeping your spine straight.
  • five more reps imagining your head as a balloon that is bouying your spine upwards.
  • five more times visualizing your hips as a fountain bouying your head upwards.

This comes from an interesting teaching process called ideokinesis, which involves changing the quality of your motion by changing how you visualize your own motion.

How would you describe the quality of your motion during each set?

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