Saturday, August 12, 2006

Who's uke now?

Today there was only Kristof and myself at aiki practice. The Hattiesburg group couldn't make it because of car trouble. Patrick M. Didn't show. Brian & Jennifer havent started back since school just started. When only two people show up we always have a much more fast paced, physical class. Today we reviewed tegatana and hanasu then practiced the chains associated with releases 2, 3, and 4. We were particularly looking at the techniques that spin off of 2 and 4 when tori (mistakenly) turns wide around uke or cuts sharply into uke. The wide #2 and #4 were pretty straightforward. These tend to blend into release 1 with all its' versions of oshi taoshi, or #3 with wakigatame.
On the other hand, #2 when done sharp like an iriminage, becomes this confusing jumble of uke and tori changing roles and practicing shomenate, wakigatame, gedanate, and ushiroate. Nobody ever knows who attacls each time. The easiest way to keep on track is recite "I attack, I attack, you attack, you attack," as you practice the techniques. I for one wound up thoroughly sweaty and exercised despite the coolness of the dojo this morning.
Those of you who missed aiki this morning also missed out on a breakfast of blackberry waffles and smoked sausage. Hmmmm, sounds good doesn't it? WELL SHOW UP NEXT TIME!

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