Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Yet another cool class

Two more new students and one more watching on the sidelines, along with Kristof, Patrick M., and myself, made for a good, full class. Wehad almost all the mat space laid out. We need to work on the positioning of the mats to get all of them into our new space. Three pair of partners had plenty of room, and I can see how two more pair could easily work in our space. Beyond that we'll have to start working groups and taking turns, but that shouldn't be a problem. We're planning a seminar for end of October, in which we are likely to have 12-15 people working out. depending on what we are working on, with 7 pair we might have to group and take turns but it'll work out.
Tonight we worked on the first 4 moves of tegatana, the first two of hanasu, and 1 or 2 of the chains related to release #2. Everybody caught onto the motion well and seemed to enjoy it.

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