Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Broken rhythm in tegatana

There is an intertesting phenomenon that happens within tegatana no kata. In many places, the kata lulls us into a sense of rhythm, then breaks the rhythm. Each time the kata breaks the rhythm that it has apparently been setting up there is something to learn. For instance, at the end of the three forms of taisabaki the pattern changes from diagonal offline (taisabaki) to forward online (pushes). In the four forms of pushing that follow, the first three follow the pattern "left, right, right, left." Then the last of these is in the form of "left, left, right, right." There are examples of this throughout the kata, and each pattern change should focus our attention back to our kata so that we look for errors especially around the pattern breaks. forinstance, small extraneous foot adjustments are common near these rhythm breaks. These breaks should also make us ask ourselves the question "What is so special about this particular movement that the rhythm is broken for it?"
After exploring tegatana in this context tonight we went over hanasu #1-4 and then moved into chain #1, getting to the udehineri. For some variation on the theme we worked on menuchi tekubiosae with tenkai oshitaoshi as a backup plan. We also played with suwari oshitaoshi with provocative timing.

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