Sunday, September 24, 2006

Creamed Asparagus

One of the main reasons I wanted to build the new Mokuren dojo at my own house was so that my kids (three so far, one on the way) could more conveniently learn judo and later, aikido. I feel that there are lessons that these arts in particular teach that I want my kids to learn as they grow up.
Today I saw a thing that I thought was interesting - it was the DVD of Veggietales: Minnesota Cuke and the Hairbrush of Samson. The theme of the show was dealing with bullies. In it a playground bully oppresses Junior Asparagus and after Jr learns his lesson he confronts the bully and tells him that he won't fight but if the bully wants to keep up the bullying that he'll have to beat up Jr. and his friends every day because they're not afraid of him anymore.
Now, I love Veggietales.
And I understand the scriptures about turning the other cheek et al...
But I don't really like teaching the lesson that the little guy's only response is to get creamed by bullies every day of his life. Surely that's not the only application of "love your enemies" and "turn the other cheek" that the animators could have illustrated in this show.
I like aikido and judo because the moral underpinnings of these arts in particular are very much compatible with the Christian ethics and beliefs and worldview in which I will be bringing my children up. It is interesting that an episode of Minnesota Cuke could elicit such deep topics. I could probably write for hours on this but I won't. Suffice it to say, "Bravo, Veggietales team, for such an overall fine series and a fine show!" But consider not teaching kids to get beat up as the only application of the scripture.

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