Monday, September 11, 2006

Hickory jitsu

Today's practice was hickory jitsu. I took my axe handle and beat on Woodreaux in sets of 12 right and left sided until sweat was flying off of me. I didn't even realize that the sweat was flying because I was so absorbed. I practiced cincotaro (both diagonal and vertical), V-down, arrow up, and C-crescent drills at high, middle, and low levels. I also practiced V-pattern footwork with high-middle-low C-crescent strikes. There is something amazingly therapeutic about mercilessly whipping an opponent as evil and worthy as Woodreaux.
I also got the sill and front door of the dojo fixed so that we can lay out the rest of the mats. I cut the door to swing out over the mats and I will be getting a sweep to attach to the bottom of the door. This Thursday I plan to finish the moulding at the top and bottom of the walls and around the south windows. We should be very close to finished with the interior of the dojo before this Saturday's party and certainly before the Aiki Buddies Gathering (ABG) at the end of October.

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