Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Jodo muscles

Tonight was a lovely jodo practice. Nobody showed for judo, so I went down to the dojo about 30 minutes early and beat on Woodreaux for about 45 minutes. I practiced cincotaro for a while with my hickory axe handle as a warmup, then whipped out my oak jo and practiced honte, gyakute, hikiotoshi, tsuki, and taihazushi. From thence I moved into seiteikata #1, 2, and 4. By that time I turned around and realized that Kristof had snuck up and was watching silently like a ninja! We went over kihon#1-3 both in solo and paired form then practiced the paired form of seiteikata#1.
Hikiotoshi was working remarkably well for me tonight. Pretty light effort, very little rapping sound when the jo struck the sword, the jo was left occupying the centerline, and it was almost wrapping the sword around uke's butt.
Jodo always makes my lower and middle traps sore - particularly when working on paired practice. I've got a renewed awareness of several muscles in my back.

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