Saturday, September 02, 2006

Just your standard, everyday, supercool class!

In tegatana we worked on balls of the feet, recovery step, and synching the arms to the motion of the center. In hanasu it was more repetition of hanasu#1 and it's associated techniques. We worked a good bit with the beginners on the ideas of offline and power side. The motion in the beginning of chain#1 boggled some of the beginners today so we backed off and played with suwari shomenate with provocative timing. In nijusan we worked on shomenate and aigamaeate as falling exercises from a static position. The cool ninja technique of the day was kotemawashi as a follow-up to hanasu#1 motion.
The thing that interested me most today was during jodo it occurred to me that, while each of the seiteikata teaches multiple things, they each seem to emphasize one principle. for instance...
  • #1 = get offline
  • #2 = attack uke's weak place
  • #3 = try to confuse uke's sense of ma-ai
  • #4 = keep at least 2 options from any position
  • #5 = don't get over-committed
  • #6 = move through a known posture to reduce chaos
so, while each technique exhibits several of these principles, each particular technique appears to have it's own quality to it.

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