Saturday, September 09, 2006

Lots of people enjoying aikido

Wow, today was a big class with both Clan McKenzie and the Hattiesburg group in attendance. We were about evenly split between old heads and newbies. We worked on ukemi, tegatana, taisabaki, and hanasu, then moved into the release#2 chains. This allowed us the chance to practice kotetaoshi, maeotoshi, hikiotoshi, and sumiotoshi as well as the motions surrounding these techniques. Each week it seems like there is a different technique that makes a true believer out of Andy. Last week it was shomenate. Today it was sumiotoshi. Everyone caught onto the motion and had fun learning. There was a new Hattiesburger and he also seemed to catch the aiki idea and enjoy it.
After class, Andy did his green belt demo and did fine, so we have a fresh new green belt. Congrats, Andy. Patrick M. is about 6-8 classes from having green belt hours, and Gary is about the same from yellow belt.

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