Thursday, September 07, 2006

New aiki-cub

Well, I have permission from my wife, Elise, to announce now... We're expecting baby#4! Elise is 14 weeks (out of about 40) along and we're already arguing over names. My favorite name for a girl is Maire McInnis Parker, and I don't have a serious favorite for a boy unless it is Particular Triumph Parker or perhaps Kenneth McInnis Parker. Elise's favorite names are Eliot Dean or Eloise Dean Parker. She also likes the sound of the names Kent, Joss, Lex, Beau, Noah, Jude, and Jonah.
We've about come to the point that we want to take a poll as to what we should call our new aiki-cub and let y'all decide, so let the names flow in...

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