Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Omote and ura

Omote and ura is an interesting relationship. most aikidoka think that they are opposites, omote meaning "to the front" while ura means "to the back." Some styles teach that omote techniques are the "face" of the movement (i.e. superficial learning) while ura are the more profound teachings. I think that omote and ura are not opposites, or even opposite faces of the same coin, but rather part of one spectrum of motion.
It seems to me that if one practices ikkyo (for instance) with an omote irimi type entry and finishes with a tenkan ura type motion then the path of tori's motion includes all the points where uke can flush himself in this particular relationship. So tori, instead of learning two techniques (omote and ura) can be said to be walking down this path looking for the time and place where uke's posture and offbalance is right for ikkyo. Tori is learning all the variants of ikkyo in one motion.
but my knowledge is small - your mileage might vary.

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