Friday, September 29, 2006

What-ifs for tsukezue

Tonight my judoka didnt show, so I beat Woodreaux Roper with an axe handle for a while as warmup, then practiced my jodo. Having spun through about 20 reps of each of the kihon, I ran through Seiteikata #1-6 several times, Settled onto #1 for several more reps, then played some what-if henka type scenarios. What if, during the evasion in the beginning of #1, tori's left hand falls onto the jo in gyakute grip? It feels like this will become a sword trap similar to kuritsuke. What if tori grips the jo in sakate grip during the evasion? There is an opportunity for a knee atemi during the evasion and perhaps a dobarai type sweep/strike. I need some victims to play with in jodo. I need victims badly!
Wanted: 2-3 people who want to learn a 400 year-old stickfighting art with me.

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  1. I want to join. I'm just going to have to stop coming with people that have to work on saturday. And after this saturday.


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