Monday, October 09, 2006

ABG Details

Ok, folks,Time for some additional details about the aiki buddy gathering at the end of the month. The dates are October 27, 28, and if anyone wants to stay and play, the 29th. The location is my house dojo in Magnolia, MS. Aiki buddies should have my address. Plug it into your favorite mapping software the address to get directions. If you don't have my address, call or email me. If you have questions or problems getting there, call me. All the aiki buddies should have a contact number for me, and if you don't then email me.

Let's plan to play on this schedule:

Friday, Oct 27
6:00 PM-8:00 PM

Saturday, October 28

Sunday, October 29

Of course, by concensus we can decide not to play some of these times or change them or do more if y'all want. I'd like to do some jodo for at least a little while before a couple of these sessions. Those doing demos will probably want some of the free mat time between classes to practice, and some of these class times will be reserved for demos. Other than that, the topics are open as far as i'm concerned.

Bring your videocameras and digital cameras so we can put additional pressure on Rich and record his sandan demo for all posterity.

I think the Hattiesburgers are talking about setting up a tent city in the yard. Anyone who wants to can crash on the living room floor or on the mat in the dojo. Usher gets the guest bedroom. I think Mike is considering a hotel in McComb.

We'll probably have some sort of home cooking 1-2 meals and resturants for the other meals. Probably a bonfire after the saturday nite session.

Bring a haloween costume if you want to go trick or treating with Princess Amandala Wake.

Let me know if you need other details or more info or help.

Forward this to any aiki buddies that you know are coming that I left out.

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