Sunday, October 01, 2006

Aiki Buddies Venue

Calling all Aiki Buddies...
The plan for now is to have the Aiki Buddies Gathering at the new Mokuren Dojo in Magnolia the weekend of October 27-28. We should have a total of about 12-20 people, all of whom are welcome to crash in my living room or in the dojo (Usher has dibs on the guest bedroom).
In the past we have easily accomodated classes of 25 people on the same mat space but the old dojo had more room around the edges of the mats. In the new dojo we have the same mat space but the wall is about a foot from the edge of the mat on all four sides. Mike (our karate instructor) has offered us the use of a somewhat larger room at his business about 10 miles north of Mokuren and convenient to the interstate. It won't give us any more mat space, but it will give us more space around the mats. If y'all want to move the venue let me know, otherwise I'll work on the assumption that you guys don't mind being careful and taking turns on the mat at Mokuren.
I'm plotting a bonfire for one of the nights and some trick-or-treating for Dr. Wake (her condition for coming to the ABG). If y'all have preferences for tucker, let me know or I'll plan something like pizza one meal (probably a condition to get Usher here anyway) and Mexican resturant another meal.

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  1. I'm stoked about the gathering... especially the trick-or-treating.


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