Sunday, October 08, 2006

Impact adjustment

Today was Quin's birthday - two years under the belt!
After church and a birthday party at the park and a nap at home we had a Parker ninja army training. Whit practiced striking the pell with men, yoko, do, and tsuke with emphasis on stepping forward through ma-ai to strike, then back outside ma-ai. He had a little trouble keeping his rear foot on the ground, but otherwise did very well. He is easily able to replicate the motion while reciting "men, yoko, do, tsuke." I guess it's not ninja army level yet, but it's pretty remarkable for five years old. Knox also got his turn, mostly banging around with men and do cuts. I love to watch those little guys move around!
The thought provoking sensei question of the day was "When do you do this to real people?" The correct answer for right now, at least is, "Never," but Whit's first answer was, "When we go into the dojo?" When I told him that the answer was "We never do this to people," he asked, "What about when you have lots of bad guys on the loose?" I had to promise to tell him when there were bad guys on the loose so he'd promise to never bust any of his friends with an axehandle menuchi.
But you know, Whit has a point. In this world in which we live sometimes you come across people who need an impact adjustment...

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