Friday, October 20, 2006

In synch but out of phase

Click here for details about the Aiki Buddies Gathering at the end of the month.
Judo classes have been sparsely attended lately. It is interesting to me how judo and aikido popularity seem to go in waves and appear to be out of phase with each other. Either one class or the other will have lots of students and right now the popular class at Mokuren is aikido.
Today there were no judoka, so I ran through my jodo and short stick with Woodreaux and then installed horizontal blinds in one of the windows of the dojo. I figured they'd just pop right up but they are a pain in the buttocks to install properly. I ended up doing one window out of seven. That should give me a good project between now and the ABG. Tomorrow I think Vincent is bringing one of his electritian buddies to install a motion light outside above the door to the dojo because when we turn the lights off it is as black as the inside of a realy black thing and people keep tripping over the duckboards I put outside the door to keep mud off folks' feet.

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