Tuesday, October 10, 2006

More uchikomi and smart ukes

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Tonight was another uchikomi night with Vincent and I didn't hurl. Perhaps I could get used to doing them. I actually learnt a cool thing - because Vincent makes me do uchikomi on both sides, i got to experiment some with a wrong-sided arm-twisting kosotogari that I don't often practice. I think that particular technique could fit well with some ofthe randori stuff I do. I'll have to see can I work it into my repertoire.
Then we worked on the 1-2-3touch drill, focussing on getting the standing foot turned outward and the hands gripping and curling correctly. This was an entry into deashi, which was our entry into kosotogari for the night.
I got onto Kristof a little bit for wondering off again during ukemi. Uke's role is to make a situation in which the technique can be practiced. If uke lets his mind drift or loses the conection with tori then the technique is not really appropriate. uke has lost his evil intent. When uke retains his evil intent then tori can concentrate on feeling the physical results of that evil. Sometimes people will choreograph "uke does this then tori does this then uke does this then..." but that is bogus. All uke has to do is retain a connection and make himself a threat. Typically this involves trying to regain balance after kuzushi and turning to center on tori. It's hard to threaten tori if uke can't stand up and cant face him.
Aikido and Judo ukes have to be smart ukes. It is dumb and useless to try to learn to defend against dumb ukes. A smart uke makes a smarter tori!

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