Sunday, November 05, 2006

The Terrible Thing

Whoa Nellie! I woke up this morning feeling as if I'd just driven 400 miles to be beat up for two days by a 350 pound, 8 foot tall ninth dan. Wonder where that came from? Seriously, I love playing uke for Henry. It is a huge honor and a great learning opportunity and a lot of fun. But there are consequenses. I moved around this morning for about an hour like an old man with my back and ass and thighs and feet hurting. The really amazing thing about working with Henry is not that he can beat me up - after all, he's a monster physically. We used to tease Henry Copeland and Nick Lowry about being embodiments of "The Terrible Thing," as in, when a "terrible thing" happens to you. What is remarkable is how gentle he is. When you come across somebody that can get perfect offbalances every time then reflect your own energy back onto you so well, aikido becomes a truly magical thing. I can't wait to see Henry again in the Spring!

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