Thursday, November 23, 2006

Upcoming rank demos

Alright, currently Andy and Gary have their hours requirement for Gokyu and Sankyu respectively. Kristof and Patrick M. have roughly a month before they'll have hours for Yonkyu and Sankyu respectively. All three of Clan McKenzie have about 1.5-2 months before they'll have hours for Gokyu.
Let's plan for Andy and Gary to do their demos not this Saturday but the next (Dec. 2?). I'd like for Kristof to be Andy's uke and Andy to be Gary's uke. Gary will need to demonstrate Tegatana and all of Hanasu. Andy will be demonstrating Tegatana, Hanasu, and Nijusan #1-10b.
We have been getting 1-2 reps of Hanasu in kata mode each class, so that shouldn't be a problem for anyone to demonstrate. We don't get a lot of kata mode on Nijusan because most of our work comes in chains or lab mode. We probably need to institute that same rule for Nijusan - always do one rep of kata mode each class before we get into a chain or into lab mode. But also, before and after each class for a couple of weeks, Andy and Kristof need to get 1-2 reps of Nijusan in kata mode.

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