Sunday, January 14, 2007

Hikiotoshi uchi

Today, Whit and I played some Jodo. First I practiced Kihon #1-4 solo form, loosening up the stiffness from the judo abuse I took 2 days ago. Then Whit held a sword for me while I practiced the jo side of hikiotoshi uchi (kihon #3 - sweeping the sword aside). It was a good day - nobody got a broken hand. After I did hikiotoshi a while, Whit wanted to try and I held the sword while he did the move. He held the stave in a quarterstave-type posture with one hand at the center of mass and the other hand halfway to the end. He couldn't lift the stick in the typical honteuchi posture so he derived the quarterstave grip spontaneously and you know what? Hikiotoshi worked GREAT for him! It was pretty cool. After Jodo we had a footrace up the hill to the stop sign and even that was fun (even though Whit won). Then we planted an oak tree at Nanna's house.

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