Saturday, January 06, 2007

I'm looking forward to naptime!

Aiki class this morning had a good attendance. Myself, Bryce, Andy, Patrick M., Mytchi, and Kristof. Whit and Knox helped us warm up then mstly did their own thing in the corner. We worked tagatana as a group, then Andy helped Mytchi individually with it. We worked hanasu then chain #3, delving into the transitions between kotemawashi (nikyo), wakigatame (gokyo), kotegaeshi, and gyakugamaeate (maybe called sokumen irimi nage??). After this, everyone watched as Patrick M. did his sankyo deomnstration with Bryce as his uke. He'd practiced with Andy as uke but by this time, Andy was not feeling well, so Bryce filled in. It was an interesting experience for both partners because Bryce got to experience some interesting one-armed variations of nijusan - particularly #6 and #8. Also, Patrick got to experience a really excellent uke that he was not used to (not to knock Andy - he's a great uke too). It was a good demo and we have another new sankyu.
We broke for breakfast for a while and then Bryce and I did some jo and sword work. We worked the first three techniques of jodo (honteuchi, gyakuteuchi, and hikiotoshi) in solo and paired forms. Then we did some of the basic kendo forms, including men-kote-do-tsuki (basic cuts), harai men (the clockwise deflection), and kote suriage men (the counterclockwise deflection). We finished up with suburi men (repeated cuts).
Thanks to Bryce for coming to play with me this weekend - and extra special thanks to his wife, Mary, for letting him come play. I look forward to seeing y'all again in three or four months during your spring break.

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