Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Kotegaeshi and etc...

Tonight was another low-energy day because I have been sick for two days - lost 12 pounds yesterday (I'll let you use your imagination). Anyway, it looks like it was about a 30-hour bug and I'm much better now - just drained. We worked on tegatana with small steps, using the side step to calibrate the length of the diagonal steps in tegatana. We then played with the evasions and offbalances with partners, concentrating on these calibrated steps. Worked really good.
For a while, we played with the second half of owaza jupon - mostly so that I could get some reps on my favorite kata but Andy was getting some good practice too. We worked mostly on the shihonage, ushiroate, and kotegaeshi from this kata and it went well. Andy was smearing me with shihonage and I was getting a good kotegaeshi. This led to Andy and I working on kotegaeshi a good bit and talking about using the wrist control to control uke's posture. We got to work on the owaza and nijusan versions of shihonage and kotegaeshi. These roughly translate to omote and ura versions of these two techniques.
We used this work on kotegaeshi as a lead-in to chain #1 and we reviewed all of the first half of the chain (1a) a couple of times and then jumped into the second part that contains the shortcut through chain #1a and then branches off into kotegaeshi, kotehineri, and tenkai kotehineri. Andy was flowing better than I was tonight.
By this point I was waning, so we cut class short and I made it up to Andy with spaghetti and a movie.


  1. Ironically my wife and I are experiencing something similar in the digestive area. After we got back from Mexico it appeared as if our stomachs are now trying to get used to North American water.

    I worry about a punch to the stomach and the potential of filling my Gi in a bad way.

  2. We had a Ukrainian foreign exchange student who came at the age of 15. He was such a good kid, and he had no future to go back to, so we changed his visa status (no longer possible) and he finished high school here. He went on to college, and now he's at Boston University working on his PhD.

    He had taught himself English, and spoke very much like the interpreter in "Everything is Illuminated" - hilarious movie depiction of an American going to Ukraine to visit his grandfather's village.

    We had subsequent experiences with other exchange students. Some were okay, others failures. You never know what you're going to get I guess, although most of them were good kids.


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