Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Men - kote - do - tsuki

Last night, Whit, Knox, and I worked on the first sword kihon – men kote do tsuki – basic strikes. This exercise basically consists of setting up cues so that when tori sees an opening he strikes it. When I’d drop my sword to the right, Whit would take one big step in and gently touch me on the top of the head with his sword. When I would drop my sword to the left he’d step in and do kote to the lead wrist. When I’d pick up the sword he’d alternately step in and touch my right abdomen or he’d twist the sword slightly and thrust into the center. Whit got the hang of all four basic strikes and got pretty good at responding to random cues from me. Knox got the menuchi (head cut) and the kote (wrist cut). It was a lot of fun.

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