Sunday, February 18, 2007

Owaza Jupon

Here is a video of some of my students repping the first three techniques of Owaza Jupon with a crashpad.
This is my favorite kata in aikido. Of all the techniques in all the kata, the ones in Owaza seem the most 'aiki' to me. These techniques represent some of the cleanest, purest demonstrations of the guruma and otoshi throwing concepts found in aikido. These techniques are also extremely functional as defense. Imagine any of the throws you see here in a room full of tables and chairs and bottles...


  1. Nice video Pat, it was a lot of fun. Do you still have any clips of me throwing Andy and vice versa? Almost all the ones of that class show Pat and Kary. There was one of me tossing Patrick and I think the last one was of me and Andy.

  2. I'll check and see, John. I didn't ditch many clips - maybe one or two - and I don't remember who was in them but I'll go back and see.


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