Thursday, February 22, 2007

Pocket uke

Ok, those that know me know that I'm always looking for ways that I can practice some technical aspect of aikido without a human uke. I do jodo with the stick as uke. I am always practicing pushing and bouncing off of walls and poles and turning stepping around doorframes and pushing through doors without interrupting the flow of my step. Well, now I am about to reveal to you the incredible Pocket Uke.
Go find a gumball machine and buy a 25 cent superball. carry it with you in a pocket. Voila! Pocket uke. Here's a game you can play with your new uke. hold the ball directly in front of your belly button (center of mass) and drop it (don't throw it). Practice evasion steps left, right, front, back, diagonals, turning, etc... with the condition that your feet have to land when the ball hits the ground. There are tons of lessons here worth learning.

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  1. lol, Pat you've got class like 4 days a week and you're dropping gumballs and avoiding them. I'm glad you constantly find new ways to improve without an uke, but it's funny picturing you stepping around dropping gumballs in my head...especially with Knox, Whit, and Quinn grabbing at them.


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