Thursday, February 01, 2007

Robust responses

Well, I’ve has a sabbatical from blogging for several days now, and it’s time to get back to it. I’m exhausted with work and school and etc… but last night’s class was excellent and really pumped me up. Cold mats, so we warmed up slowly and omitted all the mat pounding. Then we did a lot of kneeling forward and backward rolls looking in particular at the role of the abs in slowing the fall, reducing the impact, and throwing you back out of the ground.

We spun through hanasu and then worked on the two “lost wrist releases” and the “really lost” wrist release, finally moving into the chains for #9 and #10. From here I sorta spun off into a tangent of Owaza Jupon (my favorite kata) as responses to the #10 release situation and/or the two-handed grab (ryotedori).

We cooled down with suwariwaza, working the first three of sankata and the munetsuki haragatame from kimenokata. Really cool stuff –an I got a good lesson from Kristof. I had made a passing comment about these sankata responses being very general-purpose and very robust. They work in a lot of situations – even if uke attacks “all wrong” like with the other arm. After working on these robust responses for a few minutes, I almost smote Patrick M. mightily when he shifted his feet in seiza ;-). When we started the haragatame, Kristof came off his knees lunging at me with the wrong arm! Guess what – it worked great. In Sankata#3 we got to play with the kotegaeshi/wakigatame relationship and in kimenokata we got to play with the haragatame/wakigatame relationship because uke was attacking unpredictably with left or right arm.

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