Saturday, February 17, 2007

Crikey my foot!

We had a mini aiki gathering this weekend with John from Orlando and a couple of the Hattiesburgers in attendance. We worked out for several hours Friday, mostly emphasizing osotogari (tenchinage) and oshitaoshi (ikkyo). We used these two techniques as examples of the ki-bump and they worked great. I think that the ki bump in oshitaoshi has to be the most miraculous thing that have I learned in the last several years.

On Saturday AM we spent several hours working on attacks and on chain #1. Then we pulled out a crashpad and worked on the first half of Owaza jupon. I have some video clips of that practice that I'll be putting together to post. The class ended with John filming me and Andy doing Nijusan and chains 1-10 as a reference for him and Bryce in Orlando. It went pretty well. I only blatantly screwed up a couple, but one of the screwups was a doozy. As I threw Andy on one of them (I don't even know which), I stepped to keep my balance and he came down with his knee on the instep of my foot. Crikey that hurt! John's advice to me on that one was, "You ought not put your foot under him like that."

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