Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Big boys' butt-busting judo

The bane of all childrens' martial arts teachers has struck again - the infamous... the insidious... teeball! Tonight I had a bunch of the kids (all but Whit and Knox) out practicing teeball. Whit's practices are on Saturdays so he got to attend tonight. It worked out okay, though, because I got to do big boys' judo with Rob Belote. It was a good class. He's been doing a lot of arnis and karate in the last four years so we started out slow to make sure his ukemi skills were still reflexive. They were. So we moved into a warmup of nagekomi trading deashibarai then moved into osotogari. By the time we got to osotgari we were both glistening nicely and we'd begun to add in a little oomph on a throw here and there to test our landing skills. It is nice to have a grown-up black belt student to beat up and to beat me up. I'm really looking forward to Rob being a regular fixture here at Mokuren dojo.

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