Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Deashi, keylock, and Moose choke

Tonight Gary and I worked on deashibarai again. We played several reps of the fundamental version then played with deashi as an early-late concept, worked on bumping the stuck deashi, and got into a deashi-kosotogari combination. That took up roughly 1/3 of the class, after which we did standing randori for about a third of the class then worked on groundwork for the last third of class. On the ground we got into a keylock turnover from a rear entry on an opponent that is turtling. The keylock led to kamishihogatame, munegatame, or jujigatame and we got to work on four methods to loosen up uke's resistane so that juji will work (lay on the head, arm entangle, a biceps crushing armbar, and striping the biceps). The choke of the night was a "Moose choke," a very cool variant of gyakujujijime.

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