Saturday, March 31, 2007

Mytchiko's aikido

Here's some video from today's practice. Here Mytchi and Kristof are practicing Hanasu (wrist releases) and atemiwaza from Nijusan. The only atemi I got on video was gyakugamaeate. The hanasu includes release#1 with uke resisting the motion and tori moving into release#2, also release #2 resisted into release #1 and release #5. I think my white belt is doing particularly well with these motions.


  1. Hello, fellow martial artists at Mokuren Dojo.
    I liked the video and the music choice was very, very good. What kind of editing software are you using?
    I would like to also see your "flow" drills that you call chains. Could you post a video of that? Our Dojo, Shima Dojo in Washington State also is big on flow drills, and have one posted on my sit now.

  2. Thanks. I liked that song as soon as I heard it as a kid and of all the great songs ive heard in my life that one popped into my mind as right for that video. "Nexus" by Dan Fogelberg (whodathunkit).

    The editing software is plain, old Microsoft moviemaker that came packaged with my laptop. Works fine for the things that I do.

    I thought the flow drill on your site was pretty cool but I ESPECIALLY liked the boxer that juked around while he kicked that poor bastard's ass. THAT was amazing.

    The absolute best documentation of the flow drills that we d ois put out by Karl Geis and GW Enterprises. The videos are very high-quality productions nad though I have not personally seen Karl's "Chains 1 & 2" video I feel pretty confident recommending it anyway. I'm going to get a copy as soon as I have some expendable cash. The website is

    With that said, I'll post some of my thoughts about parts of chains 1-2 now and then on my blog. Stay tuned!


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