Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Omote and ura hikitaoshi

Today at aikido we are going to work on tegatana a couple of times slowly emphasizing how we move about on the balls of our feet and what the muscles are doing in our hips as we move. The chain of the night is going to be #7 (kaitennage, hikitaoshi, oshitaoshi) and the technique of the night is going to be hikitaoshi. I want to work on hikitaoshi using both the junana and the nijusan forms (omote and ura). Since most of us have been over all this material a good bit, I want that part of the class to take no more than half of our time, during which I want everyone in attendance falling between three and six times per minute - that's falling, getting up, and doing it again without really hurrying but without talking or screwing around either. The second half of the class will be devoted to randori - three minute bouts with me providing short hints as we trade partners between bouts.

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