Friday, March 09, 2007

Run, doggies, run!

Tonight we did a lot of moving in kid's judo class. Warmed up with ROM and did laps of running, skipping, galloping, and laterals across the dojo. Worked on three standing techniques tonight - deashibarai, kouchigari, and a single leg takedown (I can't ever remember kuchikitaoshi and kibisugaeshi apart but it was one of them). The kids did great. On the ground we worked on kesagatame and the situp escape from kesa. Inerspersed in there was some kneeling knockdown randori - but not much. The last part of class was more laps and ukemi. I had them run laps across the dojo constantly with one of them dropping out each lap and doing a teguruma or deashi breakfall with me as the spotter. We cooled off with laps of dragging and/or carrying each oher across the mat. As they left with sweat flinging off their hair, a mom expressed her gratitude for wearing them out.

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