Friday, March 23, 2007

Sword sweeps

Tonight Rob helped me with the kid's judo class, which was very small - so each of the big boys got a small boy to wrestle with. We did mostly the usual suspects, motion drills across the mat to teach coordination and make them expend energy. Kneeling knockdown moving into kneeling kubinge into kesagatame escaped by a situp escape. kneeling arm snapdown and cross-face turnover. Standing toestomp randori. At the end we worked the kids back up into a lather having them run laps with one dropping out each lap to do a breakfall (teguruma or deashibarai)spotted by me. Lotsa fun and we had a new friend in class tonight.
Afterward I got to work my way through the Seitei jodo kihon and kata #1-6. The things that interested me most were the various sword-sweeping techniques (makiotoshi, kurihanashi, dobarai). I want to see how Henry does these three at the Starkville Henry clinic here in a few weeks. He showed me a sword sweep from Sankata last time that was beyond belief and beyond imitation. And speaking of an unbelievable sword sweep, check this out!!! I'm sure that poor guy had to go home and commit seppuku to try to cleanse himself of the shame (not that it wouldn't have happened to me...)

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