Saturday, April 28, 2007

Kristof's controlled substance

Hey, Yesterday's post was my 300th post here! A milestone!
Today we had Kristof and Vincent at aikido. Vincent is a police officer and one of his law buddies stopped by to check us out. He got to observe for a while before duty called. Vincent has not done much aikido with us but is a 30 year veteran of judo and has seen many of the pieces that make up the system in his Police Control classes.
We worked on tegatana footwork and hanasu#1 fading into chain #1. We spent a while on the initial evasion refex - step offline and put hands up. I Think I may have gotten Vincent and perhaps his buddy excited about working out with us regularly to sharpen and maintain their subject control skills.
After class, since none of Kristof's kata partners were at class, I uke'd for his sankyu demo. Not an optimal setup for a rank demo, but hat's how it went. He did a great job, perhaps needing a little polishing on wakigatame, but otherwise very good. He got me with a particularly surprising gedanate. So we have a new sankyu. Unfortunately, He is going to return to Ukraine in a couple of weeks. "Love 'em and leave 'em!" That's Kristof's motto! As a very nice going-away gift Vincent bought Kristof a new gi. It should arrive this week - just in time to get some Mississippi sweat on it before he flies out. I wonder if that counts as a controlled substance?

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