Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Nathan Teodoro's TDA Training blog

Let me tell you about a martial arts blog that is excellent in many ways. TDA Training is an eclectic discussion of practical, timely, and intersting topics related to martial arts in general. Written by Nathan Teodoro, this blog covers practical aspects of karate, judo, aikido, jujitsu, MMA, and Combatives. In Nathan's own words, "what works, and how to get it to work."
Not only is Nathan's content and advice excellent, but his blog is a great example of how to go about presenting a good blog in general. Having been around since 2004, Nathan does not appear to be a flash in the pan. The site is frequently updated with a good mix of solid text, photos, and video, and has a massive archive of over 700 posts. Comments are moderated, which keeps spammers from filling his blog with useless ads and links to 'male enhancement" sites.

And speaking of ads, I particularly like blogs like Nathan's that don't completely surround and obscure the content with endless advertisements. The ads on the TDA training site are unobtrusive sidebar links that appear to be carefully filtered for content. It's pretty easy to look at a site and get one of two messages,

    "HERE ARE THE ADVERTISEMENTS and, oh, by the way, here's some content"


    "HERE IS THE CONTENT and here's some ads if you're interested"

Nathan's site is obviously an example of the second type of blog.
I highly recommend the TDA Training as an excellent read for anyone intersted in martial arts as well as an example of good blogging practices for other martial arts bloggers interested in improving their own sites. It is easy to see why Nathan's site is the top-ranked martial arts blog, getting well-over twice the traffic of the next highest-ranked blogs.

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