Sunday, April 22, 2007

Personality experiment #1

Anyone who enjoys watching people should have kids - several of them. Today I was observing them running amok and I saw an interesting interaction that really highlights their three distinct personalities. Someone had emptied a Diet Dr. Pepper can and left it on a chair near the door. The three kids passed by it and each interacted with it in typical fashion.
  • Whit passed by, glanced at it, and moved on. Indifferent.
  • Knox saw it, said, "Hey!" and picked it up. He examined every side of it carefully holding it in both hands. Then he carefully put it back on the chair just as it had been.
  • Quin the Destroyer walked up, grabbed it, and turned it over to see what he could pour out of it. When nothing poured out, he dropped it and walked off.

Anyone who knows my kids will appreciate this, and anyone who doesn't know them - now you do.

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