Thursday, April 12, 2007

Wanted: new spleen

Good class last night. We worked on the concept of same-hand-stuck foot and creating greater extension in the turns in tegatana and the last four techniques of hanasu. From here we moved into nijusan and worked on kotehineri (sankyo) and kotegaeshi, emphasizing the concepts of "taking up the slack," damping uke's potential to move violently, and reducing uke's range of motion. These worked very nicely. We worked on chain#5, including the grip changes into kotemawashi, kote hineri, and oshitaoshi.
The cool ninja technique of the night was the yokomenuchi ukiotoshi from gokata. Nothing particularly fancy. Pretty common types of motion throughout aikido. But the ending technique was working extraordinarily well. Andy and I were dropping like flies. Finally, I attacked and he smote me mightily. It was one of those rare techniques that seem to turn nearly all of uke's horizontal motion into downward motion. My feet whipped out and I landed on my ribcage before I could slap. The onlookers moaned, "ewwwwww." Andy cried, "Are you okay?" After I finished bouncing I just lay there laughing. If anyone sees a spleen lying around somewhere in the Northern hemisphere, I think it might be mine...


  1. Ouch! At least you could laugh about it! Probably couldn't do anything else, I'd bet. Keep the great posts coming, and slap!

  2. Yeah, slap. Why didn't I think of that? ;-)

    The other day I posted about abs and low back and hips absorbing a lot of the impact of a fall. Well, sure enough. I'm mightily sore in all those places and some.

    And not only was I sore from that fall (that was to be expected) but I was also exhausted - just knackered. I don't know if that is a sign of advancing age or what but it took several cups of coffee and several hours before I was worth anything at work today. And that one fall was really the only thing out of the ordinary I've done lately...

  3. That hindsight is so clear, isn't it? That was a great post on the abs, low back, et al. You have a writing style that makes most everything you write interesting. Thanks.

  4. Good read . . . I need to add your blog to my rss reader!
    Combative Martial Arts

  5. Man, I feel like that too sometimes.
    We ground fight (amoung other forms of combat)the advanced students in my class. Well, i often find myself contorted in some kind of pretzle-like shape. The next day i ALWAYS feel like i've been put throught the ringer. Stretching helps, but you gotta take your lumps to give them. Good luck!!!
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