Saturday, May 19, 2007

Cops teaching a knife defense

Well, folks, what do you think of this?


  1. I think the cop doing the technique will get his hip flexors cut and maybe some other things that get in the way..

  2. Yes, I agree with Rob.
    Three ways I would handle it at three ranges: long range at arms length with kote gaeshi (somewhat risky), medium range bashing the arm holding the knife against my knee like breaking firewood (for the disarm and follow up), or in (very close)this case, similar to what the cop did badly, hold that knife so damned close to you it becomes part of your body not his. Clamp it flat side to you so it can not move and you know exactly where it is while you kick, headbutt or whatever it takes to injure or disarm. The cop allowed way too much space in his grip of the weapon arm. Tighten it up. Expect to get cut, just survive.

  3. Yes - timing was too critical, and the attacker was robotic - unlikely in a real knife attack. I once worked tanto randori with an 11 or 12 YO kid, and he stabbed me about 5 or 6 times in a row because he wouldn't commit as the techniques we were "supposed to do" required. I abandoned the drill, closed and took him down when the weapon was aimed off my center. Still took a cut, though.

  4. I don't know what he would gain by pushing the shoulder.

  5. I'm with Rob as well. I personally would have made sure I had control of the knife. He controls the arm, but the knife is still waggling around.

    In fact I think the easiest thing to say here is that so many things are wrong that I'm not sure what to say about it is correct.

  6. Don't understand why I would open up my torso area on my first move.

    Seems to me that the knife holder attacks the side and not the certerline of the other cop. Explains why the officer doesn't get cut...

    Notice how he holds the arm in the end? What type of control is that? Seems to me that he cannot really control the arm while holding it that way...

    Why would I grab the shoulder? Like potatoe fist said, too many things are wrong...


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